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Solomon Strong

Vanessa Solomon is a St. Lucie County school teacher and graduation coach at Fort Pierce Central. After a difficult battle with breast cancer in 2016, including multiple rounds of chemotherapy and several painful surgeries, in 2022, Vanessa’s cancer proved to be relentless and spread into her lymph nodes. Her new diagnosis is Stage 4 incurable Metastatic Breast Cancer.

Currently in palliative care, Vanessa’s doctors are doing their best to keep her comfortable for the remainder of her life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to show Vanessa and the Solomon family a little of our love and community support? You can do that just by ordering dinner at Big Apple Pizza in Fort Pierce on Wednesday, October 26th. One hundred percent of all sales (food and drink), plus tips and staff salaries will be donated to the Solomon family to help.

Of course, if you can donate blood, that would be so appreciated, but every bite of pizza you order (eat in or take out) will help this local educator and her family through a rough time. Thank you for sharing this with friends and colleagues, too.