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The Innaugural Blood Bowl

Be a Hero Day was successful beyond our wildest dreams. We collected 1,083 pints of blood in one day. There were 15 mobile blood collection units, plus another large M*A*S*H facility to handle the crowds, which averaged around 100 per hour (as you probably know, not everyone who tries to donate is eligible or makes it through the process). Treasure & Space Coast Radio stayed all day long, providing musical soundtrack and keeping us all posted on the hourly totals, while Riverside Bank volunteers filled our tummies with free hot dogs and soda. Members of the community worked as volunteers, waving donors in off the street, and the folks from Florida’s Blood Centers worked tirelessly throughout the day to collect lifesaving blood donations.

Of the ten local businesses and organizations competing for the bragging rights and possession of the Blood Bowl, IRSC won the Blood Bowl Cup, with 354 donations coming in from the college. One of the coolest parts of the day was seeing five different Van Duzer Foundation “alumni” show up to offer support for little Kieran Ford and his family. By the way, Kieran’s mom, Christine, and many others, gave blood for the first time ever. It was an unforgettable day when ordinary people did something extraordinary and became heroes.